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Documentation of default media storage, database storage, api speed, and applications count

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OpenWater is a cloud product that provides isolated databases per customer and storage in a "cloud bucket." For customers that have heavy usage, additional storage and capacity is required.

What happens if I go over my limit?
OpenWater has soft-enforcement of limits. You will see warnings however we will not stop processing any new requests. You will see warnings starting at 80% of capacity, and our accounts team will reach out to you after you pass 100%. We will continue to process new information and give you time (at least 30 days) to add more storage or to delete data.

You can also delete applications.

Media Storage

OpenWater provides 1 TB of media storage by default to each customer. 1 TB is enough for roughly 1000 hours of video files or roughly 10 million word documents.

If you require additional storage please refer to this table for upgrade costs:

Storage Size


Up to 1 TB

Included in all plans

1 TB to 2 TB

$1,500 per year

2 TB to 5 TB

$3,000 per year

5 TB to 10 TB

$4,500 per year

+ Additional 5 TB

$1,500 per additional 5 TB per year

Database Storage

OpenWater provides 1 GB of database storage by default. This is enough for the about 100,000 submissions with 100 fields collected, or 1 million submissions with 10 fields collected. For most customers this GB of storage is enough for 10+ years of data archived.

If you require additional storage please refer to this table for upgrade costs:

Storage Size


Up to 1 GB

Included in all plans

1 GB to 2 GB

$1,500 per year

2 GB to 5 GB

$3,000 per year

5 TB to 10 GB

$4,500 per year

+ Additional 5 GB

$1,500 per additional 5 GB per year

API Speed

OpenWater's API requires a fee to activate. Once activated you can make 3 calls per second. If you require additional speed please refer to this table for upgrade costs:

API Speed


Up to 3 calls per second

$2,000 per year

Up to 5 calls per second

(no additional charge, but your use case must be reviewed)

Up to 10 calls per second

$4,500 per year

Up to 25 calls per second

$7,500 per year

Up to 50 calls per second

$12,500 per year


Please contact us to setup a dedicated environment. Cost is ~$60k in addition to other license fees.

Applications Count

Most editions of OpenWater have unlimited applications. Customers on our starter edition have applications metered.

OpenWater Edition

# of Applications


No Limit


No Limit


Up to 150 Applications in an Active Program (no limit for archived programs)

Number of Fields in an Application
By default, OpenWater can support up to 1,000 unique fields per form. A field is a single line text field, number field, date field, mutliline text field, checkbox field, dropdown list field, or file upload field.

Compound fields such as letters of reference, count as 1 field per sub-field. Table fields count as the number of fields in the table multiplied by the maximum number of possible table entries.

The limit can be increased from 1,000 to a larger number at no additional charge. When a form has more than 1,000 fields, certain areas may perform slower, such as inserting a placeholder, or running a report.

There is no hard limit, however we do not recommend using OpenWater for forms with more than 2,500 unique fields.

*For the rare heavy users, that exceed more than 200% of storage, we will provide no more than 15 days to upgrade.

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