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Getting Started with Integrations Hub
Getting Started with Integrations Hub
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The integrations hub is a premium feature that enables customized integrations with the top AMS and CRM systems without the need for code.

OpenWater will typically configure the initial steps for your integrations hub as follows:

  1. Enable License Setting for Integrations Hub

  2. Ensure the user permission is set to grant access to the integrations hub to any user(s) designated. This control of enabling this permission is locked to OpenWater support staff, however it can be enabled for any admin user.

  3. Proceed to generating an OpenWater API key and assemble a secret to use for single sign on. Here is a random secret generator we can suggest.

  4. Head to the Integrations Hub in the left menu

  5. Click Open Integrations Hub

  6. Head to the Settings and paste in the API Key and Secret

  7. You are now ready to use Integrations Hub.

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