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Collect Invited Speaker Information

Invited Speakers typically have their materials accepted in the conference without needing to go through review.

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An "invited speaker" refers to an individual who is specifically asked by the organizers of an event, conference, workshop, seminar, or symposium to give a presentation or talk on a particular topic. Unlike regular participants who might submit abstracts or proposals to present at an event, invited speakers are typically selected because of their expertise, reputation, or contributions in a particular field.

Each organization has a different degree of "VIP" treatment to the invited speakers. This help article covers some of the ways invited speaker materials can be captured

Option 1: Capture Like Normal, but Skip Review

  1. It may seem obvious, but simply sending the invited speaker a call for submissions link and asking them to fill it out may just be easiest. You may want to add a field like "How did you hear about this call for submissions" and have one of the options be, "I was invited" to help sort this information.

  2. When the materials come in use the Pending Approval feature and take a quick review to see if it should skip review.

Option 2: Pre-Fill On Behalf of the Speaker and Send them a Link

  1. When viewing the list of Abstracts, click on Add Proposal (your system may call it Add Application, or Add Submission)

  2. Choose to Add Applicant

  3. Fill out the necessary fields based on your submission form. You may want to use the Category Groups feature to set up different fields for invited speakers than for other topics. If you have a category only for Invited Speakers, you will want to set it to Prevent New Submissions, this way only admins can add these entries.

  4. If a different category is used for Invited speakers you will also want to configure the Confirmation Email to send a special email when the information is for an invited speaker.

  5. After saving the entry, click on the General tab and Allow Applicant to Enter More Data. Then press Save. This will allow the invited speaker to add more information

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