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Quickly Generate Sample Data

When you are testing out a workflow it may help to have some sample data. Use our built in random data generator to do this quickly.

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  1. Go to the Configure Program page

2. Scroll to the bottom and find the Generate Sample Data tool

3. Choose if you want the data added to the default System Admin account; or if you want to generate guest accounts. Usually you'll want to use System Admin as cleanup is easier, however if you are testing submission cart rules, or user profile fields you may want to see how it looks across multiple users.

Enter one application per one and click Generate

4. You'll be taken to the submission complete list and should be able to see the sample data


  • When adding application names, you can add the same name multiple times we recommend thinking through the names of the samples so that you can use them in your test scenerios.

  • You can add up to 50 samples per generation.

  • Samples are limited to 1,000 applications per program or fewer if there are already real entries.

  • The sample data pulls from a pre-selected list of random text and files. With regards to radio and checkbox fields it will choose random options.

  • Random samples will bypass validation and may sometimes include word counts that do not meet your form's restrictions

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