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Integrations Hub with Higher Logic Thrive
Integrations Hub with Higher Logic Thrive
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Thrive Submissions and Review is a version of OpenWater sold by Higher Logic.

What is included in Thrive Submission and Review

  • Unlimited Programs

  • Integrations Hub with 50 API calls per second

  • Pre-integrated with Higher Logic

What is Higher Logic

  • Higher Logic is an Online Community like Linked In, used by many of our association customers to have a private forum

  • They call their community “Thrive”

  • Thrive integrates with the AMS (iMIS, Salesforce,etc), and OpenWater integrates with Thrive. This means we effectively integrate with the AMS via Thrive

How to Get Started with the Integration
These steps are all performed behind the scenes by Higher Logic and OpenWater staff. They are listed here for reference.

  • OpenWater creates a SSO in Integrations Hub connection and provides the "process" url to Higher Logic

  • Higher Logic completes the OIDC installation for a web application

    • Choose Advanced Setup

    • Choose Web Application

    • Use the redirect URL provided by OpenWater as the "process" url

    • For roles use email, profile, openid

    • No need for refresh token

    • Provide the client id / client secret back to OpenWater

  • Higher Logic creates an "External Activity Type" with the key as ThriveSubmission

  • Higher Logic creates an IAM Key / IAM Password to pass back to OpenWater

  • Higher Logic should pass the base URL of the organization such as

  • OpenWater can now configure the SSO, for the login URL use the https://{baseUrl}/higherlogic/external/oauth/connect/authorize

  • The rest of the credentials can be entered

  • Save and publish the connector, and ask the Higher Logic representative to test SSO (remember to complete the OpenWater SSO settings)

Adding Pushback Connectors

  • Add a pushback as normal and choose Higher Logic

  • The default Activity Type is ThriveSubmission, this is auto-configured in the online community, if a custom activity type is used, use "Other" and input the key

  • The field mapping is automatic, however the OpenWater mapping can be overridden field by field, Higher Logic has a limit of 3 text fields, 3 number fields and 3 date fields per OpenWater application

Using OpenWater Data in Higher Logic

OpenWater will provide support for pushing data back to Higher Logic Online Communities. Contact Higher Logic to make best use of this information.

Some examples:

  • You can use the OpenWater submission data to setup security groups

  • You can then target these users

  • To display a targeted banner on the website

  • To add badges / ribbons to profiles

  • And much more

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