Manage your submissions and applicants
Manage and approve submissions as they come in. Impersonate applicants and send email blasts.
Manage and Track Funds with Funds Tracker Module
Manage submissions
View the list of submissions and view a submission as an admin
Ignore Required Fields and Validation When Saving
Edit an existing submission as an admin
Manually approve pending submissions as an administrator
Disapprove a submission to prevent it from being reviewed by the judges
Re-open submissions for an applicant to edit after they have submitted
Allow an applicant to submit after the deadline has past
Reassign ownership of a submission to another applicant
Merge duplicate user accounts
Copy a submission as an administrator
View submissions by category
Edit submissions in bulk as an administrator
Delete submissions or restore deleted submissions
Manage letter of recommendations from the admin panel
OpenWater Submission Status Definitions
Allow Applicants to Withdraw their own Completed Applications from Submission