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The PDF as applicant/judge can be modified to print in landscape, show page numbers, or have a custom header/footer.

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The PDF output can be customized using HTML.  This topic covers advanced flags you can use when rendering the PDF.

Follow the instructions for the applicant or judge PDFs and choose to Set Custom PDF Output.  

When editing the HTML you can set the following flags:

Print PDF as Landscape
Use the following code snippet.  The div class --openwater-landscape is used as the flag to set the page to landscape.  The   ensures the class is not removed by the HTML editor.  Finally the style=display:none ensures that the PDF does not display this placeholder.

<div class="--openwater-landscape" style="display:none">&nbsp;</div>

Merge PDF from Submission Form
An a tag with the href set to the media URL placeholder is required.  The file type must be PDF.  The class --external-pdf flags the PDF engine to append this PDF to the end of the document.  Once again display:none can be used to hide the PDF.

<a href="{SubmissionForm.testDocument.MediaUrl}" class="--external-pdf" style="display:none">Media Name</div>

Add Page Numbers
A div tag with the class --show-page-numbers will render the Page x of y at the bottom of each page of the PDF.

<div class="--show-page-numbers" style="display:none">&nbsp;</div>

Custom Header / Footer
The following divs will add a header and/or footer to the PDF.  Note that if you define the footer and --show-page-numbers, the footer will take priority.

<div class="--openwater-header" style="display:none">Test Header</div>
<div class="--openwater-footer" style="display:none">Test Footer</div>
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