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Applicant Importing
Applicant Importing

Import Applicant data into your programs.

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Use the Applicant Import feature to solves the following goals:

  • Make it easy to spot check data entry issues and fix them

  • Support for CSV and Google Sheets (Allowing you to collaborate with your OpenWater Support Team to create, update and confirm data is clean)

  • Import and update complete or incomplete data and let users continue complete

  • Bulk Import Large Files (e.g. for events filmed in person that need to be uploaded to our content gallery)

This Import feature is available to admins with the "Import" permission.

Import Applicants

From your Dashboard, in the left-side menu click Applicants and then Import.

Click Generate CSV Template and select the fields you'd like to import. Fields required to create accounts are disabled. Once you've made your selections click Download CSV Template.

Once downloaded, open the template in a CSV Editor like Excel or Google Sheets. The template will include 2 lines, neither should be updated in the template directly, they can be updated while building your User Profile.

The first line are your Field Aliases, these are how the backend of OpenWater refers to the fields.

The second line are your Field Labels, these are how applicants and reports see the fields.

Each subsequent line will be populated with a single applicant's data.

Note that if importing a phone number field the required format is `+X XXX-XXX-XXXX.

It's recommended to add a single test applicant's data to test your configuration. Once you've successfully imported a single applicant you can return and enter the rest of your data.

When your template is ready you can choose to upload it or enter the publicly accessible Google Sheet link (remove public access once the import is complete if necessary).

You can still collaborate with your OpenWater Support Team in a private sheet, you'll just need to export it to from Google Sheets and upload it directly.

By default, when importing Applicants the system generated Applicant Registration email will be suppressed. If you'd like your applicants to receive these emails you can uncheck Suppress Emails.

From there you can choose to Insert New, Update Existing, or do a mix of both.

You're now ready to click Process.

The system will detect errors and allow you to clean up to 50 rows. Invalid row items will be highlighted in red. Hover over these fields for a more details error message.

If you have more than 50 invalid rows, we suggest going back to the source data and cleaning it up.

Once any errors have been corrected clicking Save will replace the Save button with a Finish Import button.

You can also import the following types of data:

  • Submissions

  • Judges / Reviewers

  • Judge Assignments

  • Sessions

  • Session Assignments (Sessions assigned to abstracts)

  • Categories

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