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Ignore Required Fields and Validation When Saving
Ignore Required Fields and Validation When Saving

Form Validation can be ignored by admins on a case by case basis.

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When looking at an Application submitted as an admin you can click the Ignore Required Fields and Validation when Saving.

Choosing this setting will all you to press save, even if required fields are not completed.

Common Scenario
For example an applicant submitted information and you want them to make edits. You may choose to clear a required field and then send it to the applicant to enter more information. The system will normally stop you and require you to fill out some information.

In the same scenario, if you check this box prior to saving, the system will allow you as the admin to override all validation logic including

  • Required Fields

  • Minimum / Maximum Character Counts

  • Eligibility and Blocking Rules

(Same example with the box checked)

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