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Import Program from CSV

As a first step you can add your submission and evaluation forms from a CSV file before fine-tuning using the form builder.

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As part of planning your program build in OpenWater, it is often convenient to do your planning in a spreadsheet to gather feedback from others with regards to what fields to ask in both the submission form and evaluation form. Using the Import from CSV option you can quickly take these planning materials and start your setup with much of the configuration work out of the way.

Important Note

The CSV import is not meant to assemble a full program, you should still plan to spend some time manually configuring options such as Categories, Category Groups, HTML descriptions, min/max word counts, confirmation page/email, submission fees and other nuances.

Getting Started

Download the sample csv or start from scratch. The sample CSV contains one of each field type.




Name of the round


Name of the submission form page or
{{Evaluation Form}} if referring to the evaluation form

Parent Field Alias

If this field is part of a dependent field, a table field or a letter of recommendation field then you should specify the alias of the parent field here

In the example file you will see: The table field has a table essay field per row; and the letter of reference field has a multiline text field.

Dependent on
Parent Value

If this field is part of a checkbox, dropdown or radio list field's value, this would be the selected value in {{ }} brackets.

In the example file you will see: The checkbox list field has 3 allowed values, if red is chosen, 2 fields appear, if blue is chosen 1 field appears, if green is chosen there are no dependent fields.

Field Alias

This is the developer name for the field. It must start with a letter, have letters and numbers, and must be unique.

Field Type

This is the type of field with one of the following values for submission form fields

  • Application Name (can only appear once)

  • Text

  • Multiline Text

  • Date

  • Number

  • Url

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Separator

  • Address

  • Checkbox List

  • Drop Down List

  • Radio List

  • File Upload

  • Table

  • Letter Of Recommendation

For evaluation forms it must be one of these values:

  • Separator

  • 1 - 10

  • 1 - 5

  • 1 - 3

  • Numeric

  • Drop Down List

  • Checkbox List

  • Free Text

  • File Upload

Field Name

This is the field name or field label as it appears in the form

Field Description

This is a plain text description for how the field should be answered

Is Required

Defaults to false, specify Yes or leave blank

Allowed Values

For radio list, checkbox list and dropdown list, is is a list of choices. Each choice should be wrapped in brackets {{ }}. You can see in the example file:

For Numeric values in both the Submission Form and Evaluation form it is min,max, for example 0,10 means less than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 10

Hidden from Applicant

Defaults to false, specify Yes or leave blank

Hidden from Reviewer

Defaults to false, specify Yes or leave blank

Importing CSV

  1. On the Home Screen, click Add Program

  2. Choose Import

3. Type on the name of the program, choose the Import from CSV option, upload the CSV import file and then click preview

4. You'll now be shown a preview of your import, and if there are any validation errors you will be given an opportunity to correct them:

5. Click Finish when ready

6. You are now taken to the program dashboard and can continue configuring from here

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