When sending messages in OpenWater there are four primary types of emails:

  • System Settings > System Emails
    These emails are automatic and used by all your programs by default. They're sent based on actions performed. e.g., "Submitter Registration", "Application Updated" etc.
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  • Program Settings > General Information > Email Configuration > Use Custom
    These are the same emails as the System Emails except they're overwritten at the program level. This way you can have custom System Emails per program.
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  • Round Settings > Confirmation Emails
    These emails are sent when a submission is Save & Finalized by an applicant. Multiple confirmation emails can be sent to multiple addresses based on custom conditions and email overrides.
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  • Tools > Email Wizard
    These emails are sent based on certain conditions like "User has Incomplete Application", "Judges who have assignments to complete", etc. They can be sent right away or scheduled to go out on a certain date/time.
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