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Import Judge Assignments
Import Judge Assignments

Import a CSV to bulk assign your judges to submissions.

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There may be certain cases where you want to import judge assignments in bulk instead of building Bulk Assignment Rules or manually assigning. This can be achieved with a simple CSV import.

Before you can import judge assignments, the judges need to be added to that round. Once they are you're ready to import the judge assignments.

To import judge assignments, first navigate to your program.

Under the Judging dropdown, select Bulk Assignment.

Click "Import Assignments".

Import of Judge Assignments

Click Generate CSV Template to open a popup and then click Download CSV Template.

The template will include 2 columns. The values in the first two rows must remain the same. Enter one Judge Email and the Application Code to assign per row, starting on row 3.

Make sure the application code matches the format denoted in B1. In the above example {ApplicationId, 3) the code must be 3 digits.

Save your template and upload it directly or by using Google Sheets.

Select Suppress Emails if you do not want the judges you're importing to receive any enabled system generated emails.

Click the Process button.

If there is an issue with any field it will be highlighted in red. Click the box to select the row, then hover over the field to show an error message.

In the above example, the application code 225 doesn't exist in this program or the application isn't in Complete status.

After updating the code to a completed application in this program (809) and clicking the Save button the error will go away and the Save button will be replaced with a Finish Import button.

Click Finish Import to complete the judge assignment import.

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