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Pushback Paid Invoices to iMIS EMS

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iMIS Pay Central integration captures paid invoices in OpenWater and sends them into Pay Central for iMIS EMS (Cloud). This helps save your finance team time by not needing to manually reconcile, further it ensures all paid activity in OpenWater is linked to the iMIS Party records. This may be useful for reporting and engagement score calculation.

iMIS Pay Central is a centralized view of payments within iMIS, however there is some nuance as there is also iMIS Pay. iMIS Pay is a payment gateway used to charge customers. At this time OpenWater requires it's own payment gateway configuration. iMIS Pay is on the eventual roadmap, however it is not expected until 2024.

Setup at a Glance
1. Use Integrations Hub to automatically configure the link between OpenWater and iMIS Pay Central in a few clicks.

2. Choose if each program in OpenWater should push back to Pay Central automatically; or if you prefer fine tuned control.

3. Optionally, set Account Codes and General Ledger Codes in RiSE

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Add a new Push Back integration and choose iMIS (Invoices)

2. Provide a name, and use the same credentials you configured for Single Sign On

3. Press Save, then click on iMIS Configuration

4. Now click on Initialize iMIS

5. You can keep the default settings and press Create. As an option you can set the name of the product name used for pushback within Pay Central. You can also Skip Invoices created prior to a certain date. This is useful if your finance department does not want old OpenWater data pushed into iMIS.

6. Remember to click Start, to have the integration run continuously in the background. Continue reading on for advanced settings.

Advanced Options

  • Payment Method Name: The Integrations Hub has automatically created a payment method in RiSE > Finance > Pay Central > Payment Methods

  • Do Not Send Invoice Records with Date Prior To: This is the same setting configured during initialization. You can override it.

  • Programs Sync Mode: By default newly created programs will not sync until you take action in Integrations Hub. If you set this to Default Product, then newly created programs in OpenWater will push back to PayCentral without any further configuration.

    Find the program and click the ⋮ icon.

    Initialize allows you to map a new product in iMIS

    Set to Default will use the default product configuration

    This setting can be changed at any time and pushback can be disabled per program.

    Overriding Finance / Account Codes

    Integrations Hub will create products in RiSE automatically without specifying an explicit GL code.

    1. Go to Commerce > Find Products and search for OW_

    2. Click the Pencil Icon to Edit it

    3. The following Fields can be edited without disrupting the integration

    • Summary > Category

    • Summary > Name

    • Summary > Description

    • Summary > Image / Image Alt Text

    • Summary > Post-purchase Information

    • Accounting > Financial Entity

    • Accounting > General Ledger Account > Income

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