Transfer Abstracts Data to a Mobile Events App

Use our API to transfer data to a mobile app of your choice

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OpenWater has a first class integration with Guidebook and with iMIS Events / Clowder, these are premium integrations that support 1-click synchronization between the data you have in OpenWater with these events apps.

Many other apps including Core-Apps, Crowd Compass, Eventpilot, Pathable, Results Direct, and Swapcard, have had integrations with OpenWater data. You organization may use of these apps or yet another one that has an API for getting in events data.

This article is meant for your events partner to review to determine the best option to get your abstracts data for your event.

Export to Excel or CSV

All abstracts data is available in excel including title, topic, session time, session room, speaker(s) and description. Exporting to Excel or CSV is the easiest way to get data out of OpenWater and into another system. Usually these are done as one-time exports close to the end of your abstracts cycle. Updates are then made in your events app.

Using our Gallery API Endpoint

Since OpenWater allows you to configure a gallery with scheduled sessions there is a great sample of what things could look like in your mobile app. The OpenWater gallery allows a point and click visualization of your program and includes easy configuration for choosing the parts of your abstracts and sessions that you may want in a list view or details view.

Your app developer can sync this data with your events app by calling a single endpoint.

  1. Ensure your developer has access to the REST API

  2. If your program only has abstracts, direct them to the Application Gallery; if it has abstracts inside sessions, direct them to the Sessions Gallery

  3. Your OpenWater support rep can pass you your program ID

  4. This endpoint will start a report job which can be retrieved from the Job endpoint

  5. This will produce a JSON file

Understanding the JSON file

The Gallery JSON file is a comprehensive data source exported from abstracts software and while it contains every single field of your application you often only need to process just a few items.

  • schedulerTimeZone: This is the time zone that the subsequent times will appear in

  • This is the name of the session or abstract

  • applications.galleryListItemDescription: This is the rendered list view (based on your gallery configuration)

  • applications.galleryOtherInformation: This is the rendered detailed view (based on your gallery configuration)

  • applications.scheduler{}: This object contains the session start time / end time, room and other time slot information

  • submissionFieldValues[]: This is a list of user defined fields including everything collected in the abstracts process. Since these are user defined fields you'll want to parse out the alias and value fields.

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