Keep your applicant’s information confidential by ensuring your judges sign an NDA.

It is common for judges to be tasked with reviewing sensitive material that cannot be shared. In this case, you can ensure all information is kept private by requiring potential judges to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before they have access to the judging portal.

To set up the NDA, first navigate to your program

Under the Program Settings drop-down menu, click Judge Settings.

Next, check this box.

A Judge Terms field will appear; you can use this space to outline the terms and conditions of your NDA. It is important to remember to copy and paste as plain text to avoid formatting issues here. 

You may want to personalize the NDA to each judge. You can easily do this by clicking Insert Variable

You can always check to see which judges have signed the NDA by navigating back to Judge Settings and clicking Download Accepted. 

Here’s an example of what using this feature looks like from the Judge’s perspective. 

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