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Manage administrator accounts and permissions for backend staff
Manage administrator accounts and permissions for backend staff

Add additional users to help you run your programs

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You may need additional users to login to OpenWater and help you run your program. Or if someone left the organization, you need to remove that admin. OpenWater also provides different permission levels that can be set, including limiting admin access to only certain programs.

Add an Admin

Start by clicking System Settings and then Permissions in the left side navigation. Click Add User on the following screen.

When you add a new admin, they will receive an email with an auto-generated password to login.

Available Permissions

For most admins, it is simplest to check all of the available permission boxes. However, if you do not want the new admin to be able to manage other admin accounts, uncheck Manage Backend Users. If the admin should not be able to view any judge scores or results, uncheck Manage Judge Scores.


Restrict an Admin to Manage Only Certain Programs

If you want to limit an admin's access to only a particular set of programs, only check the boxes for Manage Certain Programs, Process Invoices, and Manage Judge Scores. Then add them as a program manager for each program that you would like them to manage.

Edit an Admin

Click select on the admin you want to manage. Make any edits to the administrator account that you wish.

Reset an Admin's Password

You can reset an administrator's password by clicking either Auto-Generate and Email Password or Manually Set and Email Password.


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