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Copy a submission as an administrator

Save time and energy by cloning a submission on the backend.

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It is common for an entrant’s submission to belong in more than one category. Rather than starting a new submission and re-entering all the same details just to select a different category, you can copy their submission as an administrator. We will walk through how to accomplish this below. It is important to note that your program dates must be open in order for this to work.

To copy a submission as an Administrator first navigate to your program

Under the Submissions drop-down menu, click View All.  

Select the submission you want to Copy.

Navigate to the General tab then click the Clone Submission Button.

Select the category you would like to copy the submission into from the Category dropdown. All information from what is present in both the original and the newly selected category group will be copied over. This means that if a question in the original category group was hidden, but is required in the category group the submission is being copied into, the submission form will need to be updated once the copy is made.

You may want to update the Application Title of the copied submission; you can do that here. 

Click Make a Copy when you are happy with your changes. 

You will need to Save and Finalize the copied submission to update the status to complete. You can update the submission form as an admin or allow the applicant to enter more data after the submission has been copied.

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